View of Aberporth

These are the most commonly asked questions about MOD Aberporth and its activities. We will periodically update this section to include new questions.

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Q. What does QinetiQ do at MOD Aberporth?
A: We provide defence test, evaluation and training support services to ensure air launched weapon systems, associated sub-systems and UAS are safe and fit for purpose.

Mirach launch

Q. I sometimes notice loud noise, is the noise coming from MOD Aberporth?
A: There are a number and variety of noise sources from around the Range including the ground launched Aerial Target (MIRACH) which produces engine noise and a woosh sound with lasts for a few seconds. Fast jets, helicopters and Unmanned Airborne Systems (UAS) (WWUAV Centre) also conduct flying operations within and around the Range which create normal aircraft operating noise.

Q. Can I find out about the range firing programme in advance?
A. Yes it is published online, click here to view.

Q. Can I find out information about the positions of Range buoys and sea targets?
A. Yes, the buoys and sea targets change position regularly. The latest information is published online, click here to view.

Q. I live/work near to MOD Aberporth, is there anything that I should be aware of that could affect me?
A. You need to be aware of the MOD Range Danger Area if you are using marine vessels and aircraft. Information on what you need to do with regards to both of these areas can be found on this website, click here for Marine Information and click here for Pilot Information.

Q. Can I visit MOD Aberporth?
A. MOD Aberporth is owned by the Ministry of Defence and subject to Military Byelaws which prohibit unauthorised access to the Land Area at all times.